Budapest, Hungary

Our third stop on our not-so-quick-trip around Central Europe, Budapest was a chance to try some different activities that were unique to this city in the heart of Hungary.

Kraków, Poland

Charming Kraków was the unexpected gem of our trip through Central Europe. Although we spent one full day there, we were immediately taken aback by the city’s history and beauty.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the first stop on our one-and-a-half-week quick trip through Central Europe, was an amazing city to visit. The quirky Czech culture was on full display as we kicked off our journey with lots of walking tours and some great food!

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland, a land of green hills and more sheep than citizens, boasts a deep history and beautiful landscape. On this quick trip, we split our time equally exploring the historic offerings of the capital of Dublin and exploring the western coast and countryside.