The Padgetts

Ashley and Stephen met in college where their love for UNC basketball, water sports, and travel brought them together. After 6 years of dating (and 10 international trips), the pair wed May 2016 and took their longest trip to date for their honeymoon—a road trip of Eastern Europe, hitting Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria.

Deemed "the hat people" on their honeymoon, Ashley and Stephen can often be found sporting their sun hats while traveling the world. Their combined love of history and exploration drives their diverse destinations, but they both enjoy a nice relaxing trip every once in a while.

Ashley Padgett

Chief Pizza Aficionado
Although her first flight wasn’t until she was 19, Ashley has been making up for lost time, touching down in over 20 countries in the past 7 years—with a must-visit list that grows faster than she can check off destinations.

Stephen Padgett

Chief Hat Operator

Raised in a family of avid travelers, Stephen spent his childhood and early teens visiting destinations both stateside and abroad. Now, he’s continued to grow this passion with the help of his wife, Ashley.

Willow Padgett

Furry Travel Agent

Since she can't accompany the Padgetts on most international trips (though she has been to Seattle, Washington; Austin, Texas; and Alberta, Canada), Willow maintains operations from our home base in North Carolina, sending love and well wishes.

The Blog

After more than 20 trips, Stephen and Ashley decided to track and recount their travels. Reliving past trips through this blogging process has refueled their desire to see even more of the world.

In their travels, they endeavor to dive into the local culture, history, and cuisine (although they must indulge with at least one pizza meal). Each blog will contain the time spent on the ground, trip highlights, and the all-important pizza rating, on a scale of 1 to 8—with 8 being the savoriest.